Just a few questions we’ve been asked before

What do I need to do before the party?

Once your invitation replies come back you need to compile a guest list. We will give you one to complete when you book the party or you can download it from the website.
You then need to come in the day before the party (at the latest) with your final list. The balance is also payable at this point. Please let us know of any special food requirements or allergies when you come in with your list.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of guests?

Yes we have a minimum of 10 and a discretionary maximum of 28 guests (30 in the disco room)

How soon before the party do I need to arrive?

We will have everything prepared for you so just 10 to 15 minutes before will be fine. Unless you have a morning party the booking before you may still be in the room if you arrive too early

Will there be a table reserved for me?

Yes, we will reserve a table in front of your party room for you

Can I set up a tab at the café for drinks and or food?

Absolutely, just let your party host know and she / he will arrange it for you.

I have guests who are vegetarian, can you cater for them?

Yes, just let us know how many when you bring in your list of names

I have guests who can only eat halal food, is this a problem?

No problem at all, just let us know in advance and we can arrange alternatives.

I have a guest with a food allergy, can you cater for them?

We will certainly do our best to cater for children with special requirements although if the allergy is severe we would recommend that the parent of the child with the allergy contacts us direct to discuss.

Do I need to provide my own cake?

Yes please bring a birthday cake suitable for the number of children in the party (or a small cake and some mini rolls as an alternative) We will cut the cake, wrap it in napkins and put it in the party bags. We have lots of candles here so unless you have particular favourites don’t worry about bringing any with you.

Can we play party games?

Yes of course, just let us know, we usually suggest musical bumps and statues but we’re open to suggestions. If you’d like to play pass the parcel please bring your own wrapped parcel with you, it’s also a good idea to bring some small gifts for additional prizes.

Is there music in the party room?

Yes we have a music system and CDs in each room but if you’d like to bring a favourite CD with you that’s fine.

Can I bring additional items to put in the party bags?

Yes of course, each party bag has 3 toys and a small bag of haribo sweets but if you would like to bring extras please just let your party host know on arrival.

What kind of clothing should the children wear?

We would recommend long sleeved tops and trousers or tights to avoid the risk of friction burns, and if not tights then definitely socks.

Why do children have to wear socks?

Children must wear socks to avoid passing or catching foot infections, to avoid painful friction burns on their feet and to discourage them from climbing up the slide! We sell socks at reception for £1 a pair and we always suggest that the party parents bring a couple of spare pairs just in case any guests have forgotten theirs!

Is there a height or age limit?

Yes we have an age limit of 11 and a height limit of 148cm, any child taller than this will not be permitted on the equipment or in the football area.

Can my older child come along to supervise his/her brother or sister?

An older child can supervise in the toddler area but for health and safety and insurance reasons we can’t allow a child over the height limit but under 18 into the equipment.

Can the parents enter the equipment?

Yes they can supervise young children but they cannot actively play on the equipment and are absolutely not permitted to come down the slides.

Can we take photographs?

Please feel free to take pictures of your children whilst having fun… we do ask that any pictures you take, don’t include anybody else’s children.

Management reserves the right to ask you to delete any pictures we find inappropriate or to stop taking pictures altogether.

Can we bring our own food and drink to Giddy Kippers?

Sorry but no, we have a great café with an extensive menu to suit all tastes so please don’t bring food with you.

My child has severe allergies. Can he/she be catered for?

Absolutely! We regularly have guests with gluten, wheat, soya, dairy allergies. We do a range of ‘ free from ‘ products, cooked separately. Either give us a quick call to discuss prior to your or party or drop in and have a look what we offer.