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Over the past few months we have been sending out some online surveys for people to fill out who have had a party with us. We read every single response that we get back and use this feedback to try and make our parties better than ever. Here are a few things that we have been doing in response to feedback…Thank you for your time in filling out our party surveys.

You said… ‘Maybe include a bowl of salad with the party food’ and ‘more food choice is much needed’

We are fully flexible in terms of what is included in our party food options. We believe that we have put together party feasts that children will be happy with but if there is anything in particular that you want replacing or adding to the standard party feasts then just let us know when you book with us and we will sort it out for you.

You said… ‘We would have liked to have changed the order of the party with games at the end’

Again we are flexible in terms of how the party is organised, we find the way that we organise the party works best for most people but if there is a particular way you want the party to run just let us know

You said… ‘offer extra seating for adults’

We have installed some soft covered seating immediately outside the party rooms for adults to use while at the party.

You said… ‘Party room was a bit cold’

We have got some new heaters and strive to keep the party rooms at a comfortable temperature for the party guests, if there is ever a problem with heating in your party room let your party host know who will do their best to sort it out for you.

You said… ‘Some play centres put on buffets for adults’

This is something that we can provide, whatever you want providing for the adults this can be arranged by the kitchen team, just ask when making the booking and provided enough notice is given pretty much anything that you want providing can be done.

You said… ‘there was just one little problem with one of the plug sockets not having a cover on’

We have purchased more plug socket covers to replace the ones that seem to vanish, if there is a plug socket without a cover on in your party room please inform your party host who will sort it out immediately.

You said… ‘The invitations are more like adverts- I thought they should link with the theme your child has chosen’

We are looking into getting some invitations specific to the room themes, we think this is a great idea.

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